South Carolina Career Readiness Program

Overview of South Carolina's Career Readiness Credentials

Types of Career Readiness Assessments and Credentials:


 Academic Skills Assessments          Soft Skills Assessment          Digital Skills Assessment          


How to prepare for the SC Career Readiness Assessments?

Courseware is available for each of the Career Readiness Assessments to teach these fundamental skills and help individuals prepare for the assessment.


 Academic Skills Courseware          Soft Skills Courseware          Digital Skills Courseware          


Benefits of Earning a SC Career Readiness Credential

Benefits to Employers

Benefits to Job Seekers

By incorporating these high demand skills into recruitment and retention strategies, organizations can build cohesive, high-performing teams with reduced turnover and a more harmonious and productive workplace. 

Job seekers feel valued, leading to higher job satisfaction, and strong work relationships. Being future-ready means learning new and advanced skills in demand for your career goals. 


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