Education and Training

Education and Training programs are available to businesses for both existing and employees that are not yet hired.

If you are looking for training opportunities for your existing staff, click an education or training program below:


Incumbent Worker Training
Provides employees with training
that responds to changing skills

Icon of a face with a key. Live link to the Palmetto Academic Training Hub page.

Palmetto Academic Training hub
A full array of training providers
designed to meet WIOA participants'
needs for employment or a career

Computer screen with checklist icon. Live link to the Ready To Work Page.

South Carolina Ready to Work
The Ready to Work assessment is
tailored to help employers identify,
hire and train employees with the
most potential.


Workplace Literacy
Customizable Adult Education
program offered in collaboration with
an employer or employee organization
to improve productivity.

If you are looking for training opportunities for employees that have not yet been hired, click an education or training program below:


Customized Training
Provides businesses with training
resources that are designed to meet
specific requirements.


On-the-Job Training
Offers solutions for businesses that
are challenged with hiring, promoting
or retraining new employees.

Icon of two people meeting. Live link to the registered apprenticeships page.

Registered Apprenticeships
Combines supervised on-the-job learning
with job-related classroom experience
to maximize the skills of the current workforce.