Employer Programs

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Back to Work
Assisting individuals who are in
interim housing for challenges
such as homelessness or addiction
transition into the workforce.

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Federal Bonding
Allows employers to expand their
recruitment efforts by providing
fidelity bonding coverage at no cost
to employers who hire high-
risk jobseekers.

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Jobs for America's Graduates
A program that gives youth
learner-centered instruction
focused on academic success
and career readiness skills.

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Rapid Response
The S.C. Rapid Reemployment Team
responds to downsizing and closures
that impact South Carolina workers,
enabling those affected to return to
work as quickly as possible.


Second Chance
Programs available to employers
who give ex-offenders employment

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Trade Adjustment Assistance
Comprehensive assistance
provided through the Trade Act to
support impacted dislocated workers
due to increased imports, shift in
production or a service that moved
to another country.

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Ticket to Work
A service available to individuals
with disabilities to connect with
employment services that may help
them gain financial independence.

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Veteran Services
Services available to businesses
to help them recruit veterans and
service members.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Tax credit available to employers
who hire eligible new employees.