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SC Works Staff Success Stories

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This form is for SC Works staff to submit success stories that occurred at SC Works Centers from the perspective of the professionals who work there.

SC Works Success Stories: Jobseekers and Employers

Were you a jobseeker who took advantage of the many services offered by SC Works? Are you an employer who has developed a beneficial relationship with SC Works?

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SC Works Promising Practices

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SC Works Success Stories


James "Jim" Gilleece

James Gilleece was employed with Parker Hannifin in Beaufort, South Carolina for just under 13 years, making a great wage for the area at $22.36 per hour, when he was laid off in February of 2016. There were minimal jobs available in manufacturing in the local area, and Mr. Gilleece wanted to continue in the workforce.  He realized that he needed to obtain occupational training to gain new skills to make himself more marketable to secure a job making a wage comparable to the wages he earned at Parker.  He utilized the benefits of the TAA program and applied for occupational training and was approved to obtain an Associate‚Äôs Degree in Computer Technology at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.  He began training in August of 2016 and completed all of the required coursework for his training within the 130 weeks allowed to obtain occupational training.  He started out full time but secured full time employment about a year after he began his training.  He wanted to continue his training, but did not want to pass up the opportunity to accept the job that he was offered, because this employer offered him a wage higher than the wages that he made at Parker.  He accepted the offer from Geismer, a new employer in Beaufort SC, and continued his training part time.  He managed to work a full time job and attend training, and completed his training in December of 2018, all while maintaining a 3.89 grade point average.

Mr. Gillece was very appreciative for the opportunity afforded to him as a recipient to the TAA program and was thankful for the support and encouragement that he received along the way.


SC Works Success Story: C. Caldwell

Ms. C. Caldwell was a Senior Associate Assembler at Cardinal Health in Fort Mill, South Carolina before being laid-off in January 2021. At the time of separation, the Cardinal Health petition had not yet been approved but eventually was a few weeks after her layoff. After the petition was certified, it took months before Ms. Caldwell responded to outreach efforts.  Eventually she did and reached out to her local SC Works office regarding TAA services. She met with a TAA Workforce Consultant and enrolled in the program in May 2021. Prior to her enrollment in the TAA program, Ms. Caldwell had enrolled in a Medical Assisting program at her local technical college. She had previously attended York Technical College years earlier and had earned college credits toward her training interest. 

Knowing that she could potentially receive assistance to resume her studies at York Tech., Ms. Caldwell worked diligently with her TAA Workforce Consultant to ensure that she understood the requirements in order to provide all necessary documentation to complete her training application for submission and consideration. Once her training was approved, she was able to continue her studies despite maneuvering through a pandemic and working part-time. Not only would she receive assistance for tuition and books, she also qualified for transportation assistance. The added transportation benefit was helpful to her in combating the rising fuel prices. 

Ms. Caldwell worked very hard in her studies and was able to complete training in July 2022. Utilizing the skills and knowledge she learned in approved TAA training program, she was able to pass the American Medical Technologists (AMT) certification examination.

As of September 2022, she is employed as a Certified Medical Assistant earning wages higher than the wages she received from the Trade-affected employer. 


SC Works Success Story: Jaeishala Fox

Jaeishala Fox

Jaeishala Fox is a single parent of four children and a high school graduate of Marlboro County High School. She came into SC Works seeking support to finish an Associate Degree in Nursing from Northeastern Technical College (NETC) in Cheraw, SC. Jaeishala balanced work and training, and cared for her children who she says inspired her to become a nurse. Jaeishala successfully received her degree and was at the top of her class, and even received an award for Outstanding Clinical Performance. She obtained a Registered Nurse License and is currently working at McLeod Health Cheraw.

SC Works Success Story: Quashonda Page

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