If you are an individual with a criminal record looking for an opportunity for a second chance, you can receive priority of services that may include financial assistance, case management, and training and supportive services as a Priority Population, defined by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Through the partnerships of the SC Works system, the statewide centers provide many programs and services to ex-offenders.

To learn more, please click on a program below.

Federal Bonding Program

A bond that can remove perceived barriers to employment that can be leveraged by jobseekers.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

A financial incentive available to employers who hire individuals that face significant barriers to employment.

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

Helps jobseekers access employment, education, training and supportive services.

Additionally, there are many employers in South Carolina who employ individuals with a criminal record. To connect with one of these employers in your local area, please contact your local SC Works center.

Resources for Ex-Offenders

There are many details that have to be organized and prepared in order for an individual to find and maintain a job including: documentation, transportation, childcare and even workplace accommodations. Click here to find additional services that may provide assistance to employment.