Federal Bonding Program

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What is Federal Bonding?

When you are faced with barriers to employment, it can disrupt your entire life. It effects your ability to pay your bills and take care of your family. Leveraging the Federal Bonding program can offer assistance with marketing yourself to potential employers by removing perceived barriers.

What is a barrier to employment? Barriers can encompass many situations for various reasons. Below is an example of what a barrier may look like to an employer:

  • Justice-involved individuals with a record of arrest, conviction, or imprisonment; anyone who has ever been on parole or probation or has any police records.
  • Recovering addicts who have been rehabilitated through treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Individuals with poor personal credit records or those who have declared bankruptcy.
  •  Individuals lacking a work history.
  • Individuals dishonorably discharged from the military.
  • Workers who need bonding in order to prevent being laid off or to secure a promotion.
  • Anyone else who needs the bond in order to get a job.

If you are seeking bonding service and/or a job you should call the nearest SC Works office for a Federal Bonding Voucher. The voucher is not the bond itself, but it provides value information to potential employers regarding your eligibility for the employer to receive ‘no cost’ fidelity bonding insurance.

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