Jobseeker Programs


Back to Work Program
Provides a combination of housing
and career guidance to transitioning
individuals to maintain gainful employment
and self-sufficiency.


Bridge Program
A job-readiness program through
the Commission for the Blind designed to
enhance the skills needed to qualify
for apprenticeships, which could lead to
full-time employment.


Federal Bonding Program
A bond that can remove perceived
barriers to employment that can be
leveraged by jobseekers.


Group Transition Services
Services available for youth with disabilities,
ages 14-24.


Individualized Transition Services
Available for youth eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services who have an
Individualized Plan for Employment.


Jobs for America’s Graduates
A program that gives youth learner-
centered instruction focused on academic
success and career readiness skills.


Pre-Employment Transition Services
For students, ages 13-21, with a 504 or
Individual Education Plan.


Project SEARCH
School-to-work partnership program with
local school districts that places high school
students into a work environment.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training
Program available to SNAP recipients
seeking assistance with employment related
training and job search assistance.


Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families Work Programs

Services available to help families
regain financial Independence through
the TANF Program.


Ticket to Work
A service available to individuals with
disabilities to connect with employment
services that may help them gain
financial independence.


Trade Adjustment Assistance
Provides support to workers who
have lost their jobs due to increased
imports, a shift in production or a
service that moved to another country.


Veteran Services 
Support and assistance from staff in
our SC Works centers that match veterans
to meaningful civilian careers.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
A financial incentive available to
employers who hire individuals that
face significant barriers to employment.


Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act 
Helps jobseekers access employment,
education, training and supportive services.


Your Next Step Forward
The SC Rapid Reemployment Team
responds to downsizing and closures
that impact South Carolina workers,
enabling those affected to return to work
as quickly as possible.


WIOA Youth
A program that offers individuals aged
up to 24 a comprehensive array of services
to prepare them for education and
employment attainment.