Ten Steps of a Job Search

1. Plan Your Time

Make a "to do" list outlining everything you will need to look for a job. 

2. Identify Occupations

Make a list that explains your experience to identify jobs that use your talents. 

3. Identify Employers

Ask friends, relatives, etc. to help you find job openings. Visit your local SC Works Center or go to jobs.scworks.org.

4. Prepare Materials 

Assemble a job search kit that includes: pens, notebooks, maps, bus schedule, clean resume copies, applications, experience list, Social Security Card and photo ID.

5. Contact Employers

Review job announcements to determine how your skills apply to the open position. Fill out employers' applications or call employers directly. 

6. Prepare for Interviews

Learn about the company you are interviewing with. Assemble resumes, application forms and make sure everything is neat. 

7. Go to Interviews 

Dress for success for the interview. Be clean, concise and positive and remember to thank the interviewer afterwards. 

8. Evaluate Interviews

Send a thank you letter within 24 hours of the interviewing letting the interviewer know that you appreciated their time and are looking forward to hearing back from them. 

9. Take Tests

If there are any tests you have to take in order to evaluate your job skills, brush up on your skills and be confident and relaxed

10. Accept the Job!

Be flexible regarding salary, but don't sell yourself short.