If you are TAA-eligible, job search allowances may be available to you if you cannot find employment within your local commuting area and are seeking job searches outside of the state-defined commuting area.

Job Search Allowances cover reasonable and necessary travel and subsistence expenses. The reimbursement rates for Job Search Allowances vary between 90 percent of allowable costs, up to $1,250. 

Application deadlines are associated with this benefit. You must be approved prior to embarking on the job search and before incurring any expenses you wish to be reimbursed for. 

Job search activities may include:

  1. Going to a job interview with a potential employer.
  2. Making an in-person visit with a potential employer who may reasonably be expected to have openings for suitable work.
  3. Completing a job application in person with a potential employer who may reasonably be expected to have openings for suitable work.
  4. Going to a local SC Works Center, copy shop, U.S. Postal Service Office or similar entity to print, copy, mail, email or fax a job application, cover letter and/or a resume.
  5. Going to a local SC Works Center, public library, community center or similar entity to use online job matching systems, including SC Works Online Services (SCWOS), to search for job matches, request referrals, submit applications/resumes and/or apply for jobs.
  6. Using certified professional employment resources from a provider other than the SC Works Center (example: interview preparation meeting with a headhunter or private placement agency).
  7. Attending a job fair or professional association meeting (for networking purposes).
  8. Going to a local SC Works Center to use resources that may lead directly to obtaining employment, such as:
  • Obtaining and using local labor market information.
  • Participating in skills assessments for occupation matching.
  • Attending job finding clubs.
  • Participating in pre-vocational workshops, including soft skills, resume writing, interviewing skills, etc.
  • Obtaining and following up on job referrals from SC Works Center staff.

To start your job search, visit SC Works Online Services or contact your local SC Works Center and request a TAA Workforce Consultant today!