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Recruiting Assistance

SC Works understands how costly and time consuming it can be to locate, screen, interview and hire employees. This is why we offer businesses a

Candidate Screening and Matching Services

SC Works provides businesses with assistance in identifying qualified candidates. In addition to screening and skills matching, SC Works staff can provide services for mass

00-08 | Universal Access Policy
05-03 | PY 2006 Plan Modification Instructions
06-01 | Obligation and Expenditure Requirements
06-02 | Incumbent Worker Training Funds Policy
06-03 | PY 2007 Plan Modification Instructions
07-01 | Eligible Training Provider List
07-02 | Statewide Referral Policy on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
Interviewing Facilities

SC Works centers can provide you with a private, convenient location to interview applicants that have been pre-matched to your specific employment needs.

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07-03 | Obligation and Expenditure Requirements
07-04 | Local Board Standards
08-01 | Pre-Award Criteria - Business Relocation/Expansion (120 Day Rule)
08-02 | Approval of Waiver for 100% Transfer between Adult and Dislocated Worker Fund Streams
08-03 | Payment of Stipends versus Wages for Work Experience